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About Me VE3SP.com

Hello and welcome to this page and website.

To learn more about my many years as a Spectrum Radio Operator.
Ontario, Canadian Amateur Radio Operator | HF | VHF | UHF - DMR / Fusion / NXDN

The collection of post within this website/blog contains descriptions of some of the equipment I use for HAM Amateur Radio.  I do things with purpose, conviction, mindfulness, and confidence in my life, all from my innate sense of pride with moral and ethical values first.

Read my blog(s) to learn about my community support over many years ! ;

Things I am proud of, to name but a few :

  • 2017 - 2018 new initiative phase1 *** newly created
  • 2017 - 2018 initiative "HAMREP", In the process - currently sampling phase3 *** newly created
  • 2017 Canadian project -  HAH project
  • Solely five years of updating weekly HAM net checkin logs and building promoting the HAM RADIO hobby,  The five years of weekly updating net checkin logs at the follow - see here https://dmrnet.blogspot.ca
  • 2017 -2018 Founder and sole provider $$$$ of a repeater club for a nearby Toronto City.
  • 2016 The creator to NXDN NexEdge CANADA - http://nxdncanada.blogspot.ca
  • 2016 VA3AGV Donated a DMR radio Motorola XPR4550 to the Ontario Science Center as community support
  • 2015 created the merit award Canada's DMR-Marc Net Award - Trans CANADA DMR Club Certificate  
  • 2014 the creator of a website DMR-Marc CANADA NET,    here: http://dmrnet.blogspot.ca   has been successful for 4 + years 
  • 2013 the Founder of a association HAM Radio NET, the DMR-Marc CANADA NET, has been successful for 4 + years  here: http://dmrnet.blogspot.ca   has been successful 
  • 2012 VA3AGV Community Support - VA3AGV Helping other HAM 
    • Support for many visually impaired hams over many 5 or more years
  • 2012 created and organizer for HAM Meetup "Meet and Greet" MEETUP for fun and joy in the city of Toronto CANADA for the past 5years
  • 2012 created a website for HAM Meetup "Meet and Greet" MEETUP https://hammeetup.blogspot.ca
  • 2005 Ham Radio Canada blog http://hamradiocanada.blogspot.ca -  has been successful
  • 2002  VA3WZW Raising Cancer Awareness, Community Support
  • An Elmer (Mentor) to many others - An Elmer is an endearing term used for a fellow ham that is willing to help others with issues related to the hobby.

I am trying to collapse / merge (too busy today)


Merge process - a recent new nefarious HAM operator(s) wants to SELL my domain call-sign to me $$$ - it is my plan to maybe have the call-sign removed by industry Canada

  • 2017 updates Removed call-sign VE3WZW please see - www.ve3wzw.blogspot.com

For those that do not know me I have never done anything abusive in my life or in almost < 30 years of HAM radio.  There are some nefarious HAM's that I do not associate with and do not know me that are discrediting and spreading lies about me.   At times dropping my name as name association that is disappointing to me.

I chose my circle of friends based on moral and ethical values and not by a PTT key up.  There are very few in the HAM community that have met me or know me personally.

Please do not accept these recent untruths that are being thrown around by a nefarious clan of HAMs.

Link  : happiness attracts happiness

Andre VE3SP / VA3AGV

Ontario, Canadian Amateur Radio Operator | HF | VHF | UHF - DMR

Many Call signs ::
Note ::  Some smart puppy is going to ask why do you have so many call-signs.   Simply because I can and want to, as they each cost.   However my reasoning was for REPEATERS and the modes or frequencies.  I use Analog VHF/UHF and DMR and HF each with a unique designation.   It works for me.

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