The Class of An Amateur Radio Operator

 The Class of An Amateur Radio Operator


 The Class of An Amateur Radio Operator


An introduction to Amateur Radio

An introduction to Amateur Radio and the many possibilities it offers for learning, safety and security, and helping others throughout our world. Join us for this journey that takes us through a brief history of communications technology and then into the many exciting opportunities that the world of ham radio has to offer today.

How do I get an amateur radio license? 
How To Get Your Canadian Ham License
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VE3SP - Yaesu FTDX10 Toronto Ontario

The new Yaesu FTDX10 ranks third on Sherwood Engineering’s list of receiver test data, only surpassed by the premium FTDX101 and Flex 6700. It has amazing performance in a compact package, at a very reasonable price! 

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Yaesu FTDX10 HF/50MHz SDR Transceiver

MORNING MOTIVATION - Start Your Day Positively!

VE3SP Andre Vanier
NO EXCUSES - Best Motivational Video

hope this wakes up someone. “get of the pity potty”

“get of the pity potty”

Yaesu DR-2 Repeater. HRI200 next or Allstarlink

Yaesu DR-2 Repeater.  HRI200 next or Allstarlink

communicating C4FM and loving it. 



AREDN - Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network

AREDN - Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network Alerts 

A mesh network (or simply meshnet) is a local network topology in which the infrastructure nodes

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Andre Vanier Vehicle HAM Amateur Radio Personalized License Plate "HAMRADIO"

Vehicle HAM Amateur Radio Personalized License Plate "HAMRADIO" -

Andre Vanier own:
Vehicle HAM Amateur Radio Personalized License Plate "HAMRADIO" - VE3SP
Vehicle HAM Amateur Radio Personalized licence plate
Andre Vanier Vehicle HAM Amateur Radio Personalized License Plate - HAMRADIO

Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills are an important tool, especially when it comes to personal beliefs and academics. When applied, critical thinking is a powerful defense against ideas and opinions that are potentially harmful or blatantly wrong. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses this ability, although it can be taught. Understanding what suppresses critical thinking is an important step to obtaining a more open mind.

Indoctrination is a major roadblock to critical thinking. When an individual is surrounded and constantly fed a one-sided view on things like personal beliefs or politics, it stifles critical thinking. Children and students are especially vulnerable to this, so critical thinking must always be encouraged. According to the Association of American Colleges & Universities, teaching students to be skeptical will "help them see through the distortions of propaganda, and enable them to assess judiciously the persuasiveness of powerful emotional appeals." 

Lack of Intelligence
An article by the University of Phoenix, entitled "Can Critical Thinking be Taught in the Classroom?" asserts that a critical thinker "would need a level of intellectual and cognitive ability." The article implies that some people are more adept than others when it comes to being skeptical and analytical. This is understandable, because people who lack intelligence will find it much easier to simply accept certain ideas at face-value than take the time and effort to research them. According to the Media Awareness Network, "Critical thinking is about how to think, not what to think" and requires "curiosity, open-mindedness, skepticism, and persistence.' In other words, you cannot think critically if you are ignorant of its process. Critical thinking is not about assuming that everything you hear, read or see is potentially wrong. It is about taking any information provided and analyzing it using the critical thinking process. Without this understand, critical thinking skills will be nonexistent.

Recognize 10 Signs of Happiness

How to Recognize 10 Signs of Happiness

Though it may come in different forms for different people, most human beings are in pursuit of the same thing: happiness. It may be closer than you imagined.

For some, happiness can be a pesky, fair-weathered friend, forever on the loose. The fact is that you have everything you need for happy living right now! Seeing it may simply be a matter of tweaking your own thinking so that you can appreciate what you’ve already got. Look for these signs of joy and say hello to happiness!

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This chart is based on the 2018 Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations, which was developed from decisions of World Radiocommunication Conferences, including WRC-15. The chart provides a graphic representation of Canadian electromagnetic spectrum allocations.

For further information on spectrum utilization or radio systems policy matters, contact the Engineering, Planning and Standards Branch, Innovation, Science and Economic development Canada, Ottawa (e-mail: or one of its offices listed in Radiocom Information Circular RIC-66.

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Amateur Radio 🇨🇦🇺🇸 band (secondary) Helium $HNT miner 915 Mhz frequency 🤔✅ Ubiquiti NanoBridge M5 wireless bridge - AREDN Mesh Network Ubiquiti NanoBridge M5 wireless bridge - AREDN Mesh Network

Device Model: NanoBridge M5 v6.1.7 (XM)
Network Mode: Bridge
Wireless Mode: Station
Firmware Version: v6.1.7 (XM)
Model: NanoBridge M5
Brand: Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti Nanobridge M5 Unboxing - Assembly - Review

2x Poe with power cord
2x Nanobridge M5 Radio with sleeves
2x U shaped mounting bracket
2x dish reflector, with 8x Carriage bolt, 8x bolt with lock washer assy, 8x Serrated flange nuts
2x dish bracket

AREDN Mesh Network



MAP:     (created link)

Firmware downloads:     (created link)

Compatibility hardware:    (created link)

  • DISCORD::  AREDN LIVE Chat - Discussion

Groups-io::   AREDN - Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (Mesh Network)

VE3SP Code Keyer

 Morse code, also know as “CW”, is an old and simple mode for sending and receiving messages.



In the picture : 2009 - Hytera PD782g, Motorola XPR 7550e, Yaesu FT-2DR
Amateur Radio Toronto Canada Andre Vanier MMDVM HS HAT #46 IN CANADA
Hytera MD782g
Hytera PD782g
Motorola XPR 7550
Motorola XPR7550e