KSGER T12 Soldering Station

KSGER T12 Soldering Station STM32 OLED V2.0 T12 Iron Tips Sting FX9501 Handle Temperature Controller Welding Tools FX9501 Handle Electric DIY Kits Aluminum

2021 upgraded v3.10




Use with

Infrared IC Heater Micro-Computer Reflow Oven

Input Voltagle:110-240V
Out Output Temperature:150C-480C
Case material:aluminum alloy
Case Size:137*94*38mm
Controller:STM32 V2.1S
Defaut tip:T12-K+T12-ILS+T12-BC2+T12-D24
Power supply:24V 5A
Tin melting time:8s

Package include:
Soldering station x1pcs
FX9501 handle x1pcs
T12-K x1pcs +T12-ILS x1pcs+T12-BC2x1pcs+T12-D24x1pcs

1.NOTE:Iron tip does not work continuously with high temperature, high temperature work will easily damage the tip!
2.In this package,it is FX9501 handle
3.Ordinary solder melting point is 183°C, lead-free solder melting point is 227°C, usually the welding temperature is 300-380°C, 380°C is the temperature of the dividing line, higher than 380°C, iron head oxidation and loss is extremely fast, seriously affect the heating core life.
5.STM32 OLED display T12 soldering station simple instructions: 1: the main function of welding station and performance characteristics: temperature range 150 ~ 480C 2:the thermocouple cold junction temperature automatic compensation range -9-99 C (to be more accurate). 3:PID temperature control, temperature stability ± 10 C (no load). 4:can save 5 groups of temperature. 5:can save the temperature of each head calibration parameters, support all types of T12 head.
6. under normal circumstances, 1 second continuous counter-clockwise rotation below 3 cells into the standby (default 200 degrees (150-300 degrees can be configured) state, if the set temperature is below 200 degrees directly into sleep.

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